Ready for a New Decade.

Ready for New Decade

10 years has just passed by since I ventured on an enterprise. It survives in luck. It is likely thanks to stand for Necessita(a fortune of the time) as the founding philosophy, which is to know the time to wait, to go forwards and to leave.

Last decade, it was the time to wait. We have practiced the well-intentioned failures enough. To practice well is to prepare well. That is, a man who can practice well is a prepared man. We can say in confidence we NOW know how to practice well; Who our customers are and what they need. What marketing and PR is and how to systemize it. We have become ‘quick learner’. Aren’t we ‘wizards’ in origin? Opportunity is for a prepared man!

Now, I’m going to venture for new decade. It is the time to go forwards. Opportunity is just coming. New decade is the time to build a world of
‘Go global and localization!’
Its strategy is ‘

‘There is a sky beyond a sky.’

Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo group, called as ‘Chinese Bill Gates’, said  he set it as his motto in order to self-control his personality easy to be puffed up. It is similar to a proverb ‘There may be blue and better blue.’

There is a sky beyond a sky! I think it reflects our willingness to learn. The willingness springs from humbleness as a saying ‘The nobler, the humbler.’ as well as the spirit of Web 2.0 age; openness, sharing, and participation.

In global market, there are plenty of specialized experts in local market. To let them clothe application-specific value-added clothes on our platform so as to make money! This is our global strategy. If there is something we don’t have, even we can have but someone already have, let him bring it and play for himself for money. Then, we can focus only on what we can do best and really like to do. What we have to do, but they can’t do, is to connect them, that is, to build value chain.

Come together! Dance cheerfully on the platform that WIZnet provides! We will beat a drum in chime so that everyone can have real fun. We will support you to make money in advance! This is the way how to build a world of upon WIZnet proprietary technology, platform and brand.
"WIZnet Global Standard"

Are you ready for a new decade?
We certainly are.

May 2008
Y. B. Lee / WIZnet CEO

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