I have kept in mind to write an essay about ‘Tolerance’ and ‘Necessita’ which I stood for the management philosophy when I founded WIZnet.


Long time ago, I was strongly moved to read the spirit of ‘Tolerance’ at the sight of the notice on bulletin at the lawn in Versailles Palace in Paris.

‘respectez, et faites respecter’

‘respect (others), and let (them) respect (you)’ in English.


Do birds of a feather flock together?

The theme of my doctorial thesis was ‘Correlation between Variability and Volatility. Both variances can be identified as a risk dichotomized in finance theory.

The management philosophy of Intel in early days was ‘Tolerance to the well-intentioned failure’.


Some years ago, I had been to Bangalore in India.

Road without any lane and traffic sign was full of all kinds of vehicle, such as cars, tricycles, motorcycles. However, all those driving on the horn flew like loaches harmoniously. Wow, just like acrobats! I could see in wander that most have a common sign on the back. ‘Horn! OK’.

I could recognize the reason why India represents ‘Diversity’.

Next day on the way to temple, I could find out a common sign on the back of most local tourist buses. ‘One State, All World’

That is the spirit of ‘Tolerance’.


Last month I dropped by Qingdao in China, where yacht game of 2008 Beijing Olympiad is supposed to be held. I could see a slogan everywhere. ‘One World, One Dream’. That, I thought, might be based on Sino-centrism.


I read a book, ‘Days of Empire’, which motivates me to write this essay.


Amy Chua, a Yale law professor, examines a number of world-dominant powers—a none too rigorously defined group that lumps together the Persian, Roman, Mongol and British empires with the contemporary United States—and argues that tolerance and multiculturalism are indispensable features of global economic and military success. Such hyper-powers rise, Chua argues, because their tolerance of minority cultures and religions, their receptivity to foreign ideas and their willingness to absorb and empower talented provincials and immigrants lets them harness the world's human capital. Conversely, hyper-powers decline when their assimilative capacities falter and they lapse into intolerance and exclusion. (From Publishers Weekly)


Tolerance, professor Chua views, might be ‘Receptivity to Variability’ in my opinion.

Quoting historian’s viewpoint, ‘History should be analyzed in order to view diachronic stream upon synchronic structure.’

I see an analogy: Inflation should be analyzed in order to view volatility upon variability, in the sense that volatility is, in operation, accompanied by variability and further both variances, in alternation, become each the source of the other.

I intend to write another essay on a theme of ‘Necessita’ to view ‘Receptivity to Volatility’ someday.


The up-stream of big changes in history, in retrospect, has always been sprung from the edges. Innovation in enterprise as well as science is the same as well.

Microtrends’ written by Mark J. Penn introduces the law of 1% as the leading forces of change by minority. He asserts that Microtrend prevails beyond Megatrend.

Long tail theory has pulled down Pareto principle considered as a golden rule in business world. That is the dynamics from the spirit of web 2.0 era.


Where does tolerance as corporate culture spring from?

I believe it depends on how willingly we are receptive to minority opinions.


I wish that a liberal and creative corporate culture enable to suggest dissenting opinions actively could be settled down in WIZnet before long.



June, 2008
Y. B. Lee / WIZnet CEO


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